Welcome to our Farm.

Blackberries are slow to ripen this year due to the cool nights. We still have berries for picking, the season is ending so groups of 5 or less will be optimum. We anticipate they will be totally done by 7/7/13.
After the season is over we will have frozen berries available!
(979) 224-3453

We will have all natural Thanksgiving/Christmas Geese and Turkeys this year, heritage breeds of course. Very limited quantities, call to reserve yours. All natural.

We have "Pastured Pork" from rare breeds such as the Large Black Hog and Red Wattles which are breeds of hogs common to your and my forefather's hogs. These hogs are on the American Livestock Breeders Conservancy list as "critical". They do not do well in the mass produced "Hog Farms" of today. They do well in a free range pastured enviroment, they take longer to mature and have a taste that can not be achieved by our "modern day hogs". There will never be any hormones, or drugs in our pork. We care for our animals and if they need antibiotics they will be given to maintain their health and life. These animals will be taken out of our natural program and still be offered as pork, but only as non-natural.

We are a small family farm, growing a small variety of produce and blackberries the natural way. We have pick-your own for those who can come out to visit us in central Texas.

We are growing the natural way, we consider our practices "sustainable" and "natural".  

If you really want to know what is in the foods you eat,,,You need to know your Farmer on a personal level.  We encourage you to come to the farm and meet us and see for yourself exactly what we are doing.  I almost always have a pot of coffee on.
The picture is Sarah with a 10.6 pound Cantaloupe.
Eat fresh, clean, safe,healthy and local food. Support your local farmers. For more information, please call or write.
During the Blackberry season farm hours: 7days a week, daylight till dark!

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